Friday, April 22, 2011

Lascaux Cave Drawings - A Virtual Visit to the Cave

This website is simply AMAZING!

Imagine being able to take your students into the Lascaux Cave's in France to truly experience the depth and wonder of the Lascaux Cave Paintings...  now you can. 

Instead of analyzing the Hall of Bulls from afar using a 2-dimensional image you are given the feeling of going into the cave and exploring the paintings close-up and in-depth.

I'll let the website verbiage tell you more:

"To celebrate this prehistoric wonder, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication's is pleased to present its latest multimedia publication – an update of the original Lascaux website, which was first put on line in 1998. The new site has been entirely reworked in both form and content, reflecting the latest advances in archaeological research."

"Visitors to the site are presented with a three-dimensional digital version of the cave, which allows them to go from room to room, completely immersed in the site. As they travel from the Great Hall of the Bulls all the way to the Shaft of the Dead Man, they can stop at each of the many images, read descriptions, play video sequences and examine overlay lines that helpfully reveal some of the more difficult to identify figures. A zoom feature enables visitors to get as close as possible to the walls that these talented artists decorated. "

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