Monday, March 28, 2011

Art of the Reformation and the Counter Reformation - A VoiceThread Conversation

I recently had my students contribute to an online discussion comparing Reformation and Counter Reformation Art.  To keep them honest I also thew in some Medieval Art as a review.  The point of the discussion was to demonstrate their knowledge of the evolution of art from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance and then the characteristics of both Catholic and Protestant art after Martin Luther's reformation.

I was quite pleased with the results.  The kids had a great time with it. 

You'll notice with VoiceThread the students had several options as to how they wanted to comment: Text, video or audio. 

By the way, if you're an educator, you can sign up for a VoiceThread account and use up to 50 conversations at one time.  Go to for more details.

I did this with four classes, this is simply on of those classes.  Towards the end of the thread, I chose a medieval painting to demonstrate how to comment, and there was very surreal moment with the sun behind me, like I was in a Medieval Paintings with a halo... it was quite funny. See if you can find that.

I realize some of the students may have mislabeled the art, but rest assured that any inaccuracies by the students were cleared up the next day...  


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