Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Global History, Take 1...

So I've had this other blog ( for some time. I love US History and I love finding resources to help teach US History. The site has been good to me. I've made some online acquaintances, it's given me an outlet for some of my thoughts, and I get lots of free stuff from it. The problem is, that I currently don't teach US History. I used to teach it... but I've really learned to love the culture and discovery of World History. And I don't foresee a change in that regard anytime soon. So I'm transitioning to a new outlet with this blog.

I'll still keep up and running, and update periodically, but this new blog will allow me to share things I'm actually doing in class and learning on my own.

Thanks for hopping over... I hope you like this as much as you've enjoyed

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